Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bitter Druid ESB

I have been pretty interested in the Bitter Druid ESB for a while. There is a sign hanging in Sun King Brewery for Wee Mac, Cream Ale, Osiris and Bitter Druid... but Bitter Druid isn't in cans and has not been on tap since I have been checking them out on a regular basis. It was always like some sort of mythical legend.

I love a nice ESB. (extra special bitter) An ESB is a pale ale somewhere between your average pale ale and an IPA. It is hopped up but not to the same intensity as the IPA. It also tends to have English hops used instead of the more citrus flavored American hops. It is a very popular English style, but often overlooked here in the states. The bitter druid exactly what it sets out to be. It is a solid, very drinkable pub beer. It is 5.3% abv, so not quite session-able  but still not a high alcohol content. It has 50 IBUs. This gives it a solid bitterness without being overpowering.

It pours out a dark orangeish brown, (I posted two pictures because it really did lighten up when you looked at it through the window) It is very clear. The beer is light to medium bodied, which works out well when you are trying to finish a growler. It had a light herbal hop aroma with some pretty heavy bready scents... really it smells like beer. It tastes sweet and caramely with bready malt flavors. There is a nice toffee body to it. After all that, it has a wonderful sweet bitterness. It is most likely an English hops, because it more of a herbal earthy flavor instead of the normal Sun King tropical / citrus fruit flavors.

This is a light and easy drinking beer. I think sometimes I overlook beers when they are too classic or a normal abv. I am trying to expose myself to more well done sessionable beers (or almost sessionable beers). I think it is important not to just look at the crazy big beers. I would love it if SK started canning this and selling it on a regular basis.

Great beer, glad I finally got to try it. I give it a 4

Slight molasses, spice nose.  Light body, crisp finish.
Solid 3

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