Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This was a very interesting gift from a friend. It is a collaboration by Three Floyds and Mikkeller. It was brewed in the US by Three Floyds and across the pond. I got the one brewed here.

RisGoop is a 10.4% abv and 80 IBU barley wine, but the catch is they used rice in the malts. Rice is commonly used for some of our favorite exciting, unique and innovative domestic beers like Miller Lite, Bud.... This is just not an ingredient I expected to see going into a craft beer. RisGoop poured out a clear orange color with a light head that faded away quickly. The nose was heavy on the orange and grapefruit, so I knew that I would be in for some serious hops.

I was surprised to find that I liked the beer as much as I did. It had a crisp taste from the rice malts that gave it a dry finish. There were hints of caramel but they were drowned out by the hops in a mostly acceptable way. The malt profile was really just a clean stark backdrop for some serious hoppy action.

The hops mixed and mingled their unique flavors together to give me a wonderful experience. Upfront there was a grapefruit flavor with some heavy pine tastes. It mellowed out into more of the orange peal and pine flavors as it sat on your tongue. Sometimes that first in your face blast of hops can just scorch your taste buds making the rest of the beer only taste bitter. This brew did it right. Everything married well together and you are able to taste all of the unique hop profiles. If you like hoppy beers or are just feeling adventurous give this one a try. It is well worth it.

This is a limited run collaboration, so get out there and try to find a bottle.

Not normally my style of beer, but I was very impressed. I can't wait to crack open my second bottle.

I give it a 4

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