Friday, January 11, 2013

Kilt Lifter

I was at Shallos a few nights ago and decided to start running down their draft list. This is a feat most mortal men cannot handle on their own, so we got some friends together and got started. One of the standout beers for me was Moylan Brewery's Kilt Lifter. This being my sixth Scotch ale review, no one should be shocked that I picked this brew.

Kilt Lifter is a wee heavy, which means that it has a higher amount of alcohol. This one is 8% abv. The beer pours a nice red brown color with a cream colored head. The head goes away pretty quickly. It smells bready and malty with just a hint of the booziness inside.

The beer itself has a nutty red/amber sort of flavor. Heavy with breads and a bit of cinnamon. All this is pretty sweet, verging on overwhelmingly so, but it does come around with a bitter smoked oak flavor mixed with the hops that helps settle it all down. The bitterness lingers a bit followed up by the boozy taste that you may expect from anything with this high of an abv.

It is a smooth almost creamy beer, which surprised me because so many scotch ales are lighter than they look.

This was not my favorite Scottish Ale, but it was well worth the drink. I give it a 3.5

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