Friday, January 25, 2013

Beer Gear: Portland Growler Company

What do you get the man with a passion for beer? Something to put it in!

Most of you who spend time at your local brewery probably have growlers and bullets to spare, but this one is different. The guys at Portland Growler Company have made a very nice product. These are hand poured ceramic growlers that have been slip caste  inside and out. With a very strong flip top style cap that keeps any gasses from getting in or getting out (you can replace the top if you wear out the ring) this growler keeps beer fresher, longer.

I got this one for my most recent birthday. It is sleek and sexy. The growler is also nice and heavy which lets it hold the temperature of the beer better than the standard glass growler or the stainless steal growler that I have. It is opaque so you do not have to worry about light spoiling your beer.  This is the best growler I have ever had the pleasure to use.

The only issue with this growler is that it's so nice, that I don't want anyone putting stickers on it. The growler doesn't have the surgeon general warning and other information that you need by law, so chances are someone is going to have to deface your new toy.

Because these are handmade, they can take a little while to get to you. The wait is worth it. Go get you one!

I give this a solid 5

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