Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hop Your Face

Hello.  My name is Luke and I am a Hop Head.  Yes, I know I have a problem.  Yes, I have eaten hop flavored candy before, and yes, I liked it.  If I could make hop pellets into oatmeal I would.  I know it's fucked, but that's who I am.  I am the new American beer lover and I can put hops into EVERYTHING and it's okay damn it!

Beer.  Face.  Hop Your Face.  Get it?
Which is why I don't balk at the chance to quaff an Imperial Double IPA that is brewed within walking distance.

Fountain Square Brewing Co. (FSB) just had their 2nd year anniversary party and lucky me they tapped their last keg of Hop Your Face left for the masses and I was pumped.  I had heard talk of it over the summer, but I was too enamored with FSB's Big Nuggets to try anything else.

I was left disappointed, but I still enjoyed this up and coming brewery's offer.

It came out of a room temp keg whose tubes were chilled in a cooler of Ice.  It was a party, so whatever.  As expected, it was a beautiful amber and I was left looking for a mosquito with that diiino D-N-A.  There was little head, which could have been for a myriad of reasons, but it was cold.  And it was beer.

For a beer named Hop Your Face, I was hoping for that hop punch you get from those amazing IPAs coming out of the west coast, but alas, I could only describe this beer as underwhelming.  Delicious, but uneventful.

It started out with a strong floral taste.  I really had to move my tongue around to get any hint of fruit.  By the time I had found some citrus, the rye kicked in.  The beer wasn't overly bitter, or boozey for that matter.  Like a lot of FSB's brews, they are clean and balanced.  This beer wasn't too bitter, or too hoppy, or too much rye, or... you get the idea.

I just wanted it to pick a flavor.

With that being said, the average craft brew drinker wouldn't hate this, in fact, its lack of overwhelming anything it what makes it so drinkable.  As a hop head, I want that first sip to be Emril yelling, "BAM" and me left disoriented and hallucinating in a fruity, floral paradise   Instead, I could drink this while watching Rachel Ray dole out the ee vee oh oh and thinking, "Why is her head so big?"

I give this 3.5  heads (or one Rachel Ray head). Yes, I'm picky, but this is a solid brew worth drinking.





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