Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cannonball Doyle

Union Brewing Company's Cannonball Doyle is an Irish Dry Stout with 3.9% ABV.

Like all of Union Brewing Company's cask ales, Cannonball Doyle was dispensed by their beer engine, as opposed to a more common pressure-dispense tap.  The thick off-white head had good retention, and bubbles cascaded down the inside of the glass for a short while after being served, much like beer from a nitro tap.  The beer's color is very dark, almost black.  Cannonball Doyle has some dark chocolate notes and some coffee-like bitterness.  It has a creamy mouthfeel, with a medium to light body and fairly low carbonation.

I found Cannonball Doyle to be a good example of an Irish Dry Stout, and any fans of the style would be well-served to give it a try.  Since the Union Brewing Company makes all their beer in small batches, it might not be around too much longer; however, it will hopefully be a regular at the Union Brewing Company.

The Big Guy: I think that UBC has a bright future in Indianapolis's craft beer scene. Cannonball Doyle was a tasty, bitter, and very dry stout. It was nicely balanced with a lot of character for a session brew (anything labeled session is a beer under 4.2% abv). Often in the US we push for big, bigger, and freaking big, whether its abv, or IBUs. The guys here did a great job of producing an easy drinking beer while keeping the flavor as big as any imperial, double or barelywine out there. I give it a solid 4.

I finally got to try this on tap the weekend of July 4th, 2013.  I wasn't trying to procrastinate, I just couldn't seem to get down to the Brew Pub fast enough to get a tasty pint of this stellar brew when it was on.  The points that made this Dry Irish Stout really stand out for me was the combination of flavor, low ABV's and deceptively light body.  Great combo that pushes it up to a 4.5.  If you want to know what Cameron is brewing up at Union Brewing Company or what cask ale really is all about try this brew!!!


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