Thursday, October 10, 2013

Date Night: Triton's 2yr Anniversary & Hop Your Face Fest

Date night.  I know what you're asking yourself: how did I convince my wife to go to not one, but TWO beer festivals back to back this past Saturday, October 8th, 2013.  I think she was in a good mood due to just starting her vacation, or it may have been the promise of New Day Meadery drinking treats that finally did it.  I like to think she loves me that much!  First stop, Triton's 2nd Year Anniversary!

Yes, Joe was there too.  He is everywhere when there is beer involved.  Thanks again Dain & Mikey! 
Triton Brewery turned 2 years old this past Saturday.  What better way to do it than to have The Weirdy Cats over to play some live music, and have events for all ages throughout the day!  Slap Shot challenge with BIG E FOOT w/ the Indianapolis Ice, face panting, and live Irish Step Dancing.  Triton even had the brewery open to hang out in and take impromptu tours.  No cover charge, just great limited release beers on tap every hour.

Speaking of limited release beers.  They had a little bit of everything for anyone's taste.
Highlights being:
Sour Bin Oak Aged Sin Bin:  I loved it, my wife who isn't even a beer drinker loved it.  Need I say more?! 
Gingerbread Brown:  A great brown that has been demanded by the #TritonArmy to be bottled ever since it reared it's experimental head last year.  Guess what? Now it has!  Go grab a 4-pack!
Batch #1:  Best beer they had on tap hands down.  It has only graced the Indianapolis market two times before: once at the Microbrewers Festival earlier this year (Brewer Jon wants his keg back if you know where it went...) and the other being last years anniversary party.  It has been aging in barrels for 25 months.  I got to talk with Brewer Jon for a hot minute about it and he said it just keeps getting better and better the more it sits...  in Evil dark corners at the brewery and all!
Dain's Special:  I am not one to blend beers on my own.  This concoction was birthed late in the evening when I asked what Dain (one of the assistant brewers) had for me.  Mad Scientist thoughts ensued.  Oh you know... Let me take both the Sour Sin Bin and Batch #1 50/50.  It was just great!   
 Next Stop, Hop Your Face Fest at Fountain Square Brewing!

Hop Your Face Fest came about to celebrate the release of the same self titled DIPA by Fountain Square Brewing (FSB).  Just like Triton, this is the second year that FSB has done this fest.  The fun twist of the fest is to try a glass of some of their experimental hops and tell them what you thought.  Nothing like paying to be a guinea pig!  $7 cover charge for the great line up of bands and access to local craft vendors.  Did I mention that New Day Meadery was on site as well?!  Whoever thought of that needs a raise...  Seriously... My wife loves them!

FSB had the foresight to put up some (not a lot) of tents to help stave off the rain that was scheduled throughout the day.  Honestly the rain was a fun bit of chaos that spiced up the event for me!  Nothing like sitting through a rain storm drinking great and experimental IPA's listening to some awesome music!  Brought me back to my college days.

The Hybrid Hop Experiment was just great for a hop head like me!  The serial numbers at the top of the list are the crazy classified hops they used.  The bottom two are know hop brands in the industry.  My favorites were the Apollo and 06300.  

As I stated earlier, having New Day Meadery at the event was great!  My lovely wife got snookered on that while I got all the Hop Your Face and experimental IPA's I could want!  I wish every weekend had this many beer fests.

Best. Date Night. Period

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