Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Beer Gear: Craft Gear

So Craftgeer has some of the coolest designs for the true craft beer geek. They are taking our passion and making a lifestyle brand out of it. I have one of their logos as my phone background for a while now, and I decided to pony up and order some glassware.

Ordering was easy, figuring out what I was going to buy was the tough part. I have so many brewery shirts at this point my wife told me to stick to the glassware. I narrowed it down to two, the snifter and their mason glass. Both are totally bad ass.

It took a little bit longer than a week from when I ordered to when I recieved my merch, which is really impressive for a smaller company. The product was well wrapped and protected (in my day job I'm an industrial packaging sales rep, so I know my bubble wrap). The thing that really hit me was the hand written note included. They were actually thanking me for ordering their sweet ass glass. There aren't a lot of companies with this kind of class anymore. I am totally in awe of these guys and can't wait to drink some awesome brews out of their snifters.

Check out the true beer lifestyle http://www.craftgeer.com/

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  1. Cool! Hottenroth in a Craftgeer Snifter! I have nothing but good things to say about these guys and gals.

    Cheers! Vin from Bierbattered.com