Friday, October 18, 2013

Beer Gear: Chillsner

Two events happened to me earlier this week: I celebrated my first anniversary with my lovely wife, and one of my good friends brought some awesome beer back with him from a vacation in California. You're probably wondering what those two things have in common. Allow me to explain.

I give you the Chillsner by Corkcicle.  Cue the boys in Marketing!
"Presenting the one and only in-bottle, drink-through beer chiller: Chillsner by Corkcicle. Just freeze, insert into any bottled beer and never suffer through another warm brew. Respect the beer. Chillsner is perfect for parties, tailgating and pretty much any occasion where beloved beers are enjoyed." -

After cleaning and freezing the Chillsner, and removing my chilled beer from the fridge I was ready to begin a particularly fun beer experiment!  

Note: I chose to bend the rules.  I swapped out the typical 12 oz. bottle you are supposed to use with the Chillsner and subbed in my usual craft bomber.  Since it is a nice hoppy Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point Brewing I chose to pour it into proper IPA glassware.  
Craft Beer Drinking Warning: Take a few sips to allow volumetric room for the beer to displace around the chilling device and still stay contained in the bottle.  If you do not heed this Craft Beer Drinking Warning you will displace beer all over your bottle, hand, table, carpet, floor, etc.  You've been warned!

 "Cool to the last sip"

After letting the bomber sit out for two hours before the first pour and waiting an additional hour before the second pour...  I can already hear you screaming at me through the computer/mobile phone screen...  #BeerScience  I can say that this little experiment with my new Chillsner went swimmingly!

My Sculpin IPA was kept chilled to the perfect temperature throughout my drinking experience!

An added bonus for those IPA drinkers out there is the mouthpiece of the chilling device.  Due to its construction it adds additional agitation to the beer when pouring into your glassware (or your face). Great little bonus to enhance your tasty IPA's aroma/flavor!

I am looking forward to using my Chillsner at the next Colts game I am watching/tailgating for! Only this time I'll use as directed... and maybe read the directions...  Oh, who am I kidding!

**A big heartfelt Thank You again to my lovely wife for getting me this great Beer Gear!  Happy 1 Year Anniversary #MSN!  Here's to many more! <3 U

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