Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Scene: Ale Emporium

Oh Ale Emporium, how I love thee!  Not only do they have the BEST deep dish pizza in town, they have chicken wings that are a solid "I don't feel like pizza" side bar.

They have a beer list a mile long with local and not-so-local stand outs in constant rotation.  I would like to interject that  they have had Dreadnought IPA on tap every single time I have been there. What they don't have on draft is in bottles, what they don't have in bottles is on draft.  If this were a weapons emporium, Crazy Achmed would always find something he wanted.

The Bar is modular (I $hit you not...)  The old Ale Emporium started as a nice all wood bar, Cheers based in Castleton to paint you a picture.  Then the younger crowd was all like "WTF MATE!  I CAN HAZ BANDZ WID MAY KRAFT BEERZ?!"  So the owner ate... err bought out the space next to the bar and made another bar... this time with fully equipped stage for live music on Fridays!

If you are not into the whole "Raise you lighter while Free Bird plays live" thing, they have wall to wall HD flat-screen TVs! Hockey, Football, American Football, ESPN, Local Teams, etc.  If you are way too overly stimulated... Front, if you are young and fun and need distraction... Back!

In recap:
  1. Cheers/Traditional Bar up front, Newer Bar/Live music in the back
  2. Best pizza and wings combination in town
  3. A TON of Craft Beers on draft and bottles

Food: 4

Beer List: 4.5

**Would you still drink your beer if your friend licked it?**

<3**Love you too Honey!**

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