Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Devil Made Me Do It!!!

This fiendish brew's full title is: "The Devil Made Me Do It Coffee Imperial Oatmeal Porter."  A name whose length Dickens would be proud of, and yes, I did want to humbly ask, "Can I have some more, sir?"

This beer is crazy.  Crazy smart.  All the flavors complement each other well.  This is probably the most approachable of their Brewer's Gone Wild Series.

Like all of Tyranena's Brewer's Gone Wild Series, the beers always start with a good backbone.  It is a solid porter before you fill it full of delicious things.  It smelled divine.  Dark chocolate, roasted coffee, earthyness.  It's pitch black filled the glass intimidatingly, but went down easy with no fight.  Bold chocolate and coffee oozed out from the beginning, and folded into cream, burnt caramel, and oat.  There was a boozy burn the whole way through which complemented such a velvety mouth to the beer.

If you're a fan of porters, or a dark beer that is more flavor than chewy, this is a solid stand out.  It's not as funky or "wild" as I would like to see out of this series, but it's a solid beer.

I give it a 4.

Weigh in:  O-Dawg

Its just so damn good!  El Duque hit most of it all on the head, but I will paraphrase my taste of this delectable brew.  Burnt coffee nose.  Silky chocolate.  Fizzy finish.  Coats the mouth with coffee and coco.  Just a little spice heat at the close.

I have to Eco the Dolphin El Duque this time around, 4.

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  1. That sounds awesome! I'm going to have look for that. Which means I'm sending the Big Guy out for some the next chance he has :)