Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New World

Creation: New World

Style: Belgian Tripel
Masterminds: Samel Adams
Location: Boston, MA
ABV: 10.0%
IBU: 17
Hops: Tettnang Tettnanger, Saaz
Availability: Year Round
Drinkability: Light enough to prance around and act like a sessionable beer, but has the ABV of a complex beer that will catch you unawares and leave you with your head in the toilet.

Served out of the bomber, cold right out of the fridge.  Pours  a light gold, fizzy onslaught with medium head.  Head will stick around for the entire flavor trip from full pint to empty glass.  The head makes the lacing deceptive, because there is minimal to no lacing present at the end.

Yeasty fruit spice nose.  Notes of apples, pears, cinnamon, peppery clove.  I didn't get the pineapple notes as described by others.

Has distinct flavors.  A very noticeable first, second and finish.  The flavor trip starts with pear, then  to apple, ending with a cinnamon pepper clove with a slight boosey heat.

Ever so slight bitter yeast with a honey sweetness dry white wine finish with a slight toastyness.  Highly drinkable, but high ABV will rein you in to just a few

Serve Warm(er):

Let it warm up to help the complexity of flavors come out, if served right out of the fridge the apple will overpower most other flavors and be very sharp and bright.

O-Dawg: 4

To be Frank (not O-Dawg) for a moment, I had this first off of draft at Mo's Irish Pub here in Indy last winter.  It was an interesting lead up to Winterfest which neither me nor my compatriots could attend (or so we thought until The Professor scored last minute VIP through a friend.)

Morose and wanting to hang, the gang got together at Mo's for a Tap Takeover that was supposed to be Upland on all taps.  When we showed up it was half Upland and half Sam Adams.  Since we #drinklocal we went through the lineup of usuals and one seasonal that Upland had to offer.  Komodo Dragonfly BIPA, Double Dragon Fly x2IPA stole the show for me.  Their Winter Warmer... well... lets just leave that one till later shall we.

Feeling adventurous and a little bit curious as to what Ol' Samuel Adams had up his sleeve I started through their Small Batch Series, Barrel Room Collection, and Limited Release Beers that were on tap.  The ones that really stood out for me were New World, Tasman Red, Dark Depths, and Grumpy Monk.  This really surprised me because I love (and still love) Uplands beers.  I did not think a Nationally distributed brewery could withstand the onslaught of awesome local beer.  I stand corrected.

Getting just a taste of the New World I knew I wanted to snag a bottle of it.  Cut to a few weeks ago...  Yes even because Ol' Sam stated it was a year round brew, the little bugger didn't show up in Indiana until just recently.  Go figure?!  Why don't you go get yourself a bottle and see why I kept looking for it as long as I did!

The Big Guy: O brought a bottle of this over earlier in the year. It was one of the better Sam Adams beers that I have had lately. It was a solid Belgian with a big abv, and I have one cellaring right now. After having it for a second time at the Sour Wild Funk Fest though, I am not as in love as I thought I was. I hope it ages well. I give it a 3.

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