Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So what are you bringing to the track???

Last year I put together a post with some canned beer options to bring to the motor speedway. I decided to keep the tradition going and give you some of our great new Indiana options. The requirements are the same this year as they were last year as far as coolers are concerned:

  • Coolers must be no bigger than 18x14x14
  • Purses and backpacks must be no bigger than 14x14x14
  • Food and beverages are allowed, but no glass containers
  • Carts and wagons are allowed everyday BUT race day
  • Personal items are your responsibility, the Speedway does not care if they are lost or stolen 
  • Cans ONLY! no glass bottles allowed

  • Since we can't bring bottles into the Speedway we have to look to canned beers. There have been a ton of canned beers popping up in liquor stores in the last year, so there are a ton more options than we had last year. With all the options available now it can be hard to narrow them down. Not everyone has spent a lot of time checking out all the canned options we have here in Indy so for the second year in a row we've asked the Barons what are their favorite canned beers. So here are my favorite Summer canned options:

    The Big Guy: 
    1. Sun King's Fistful of Hops Green. Nice crisp hop profile with an easy drinking malt profile
    2. Two Brother's Side Kick Pale Ale. Light hop profile with a clean refreshing flavor that makes it crushable sitting at the hot track
    3. Daredevil's Liftoff IPA. Easy malt profile with a great big hop backbone. Get it fresh for biggest impact.
    1. Daredevil's Liftoff IPA
    2. Bell's Two Hearted IPA. The classic Midwest IPA. Nothing says summer like Two Hearted
    3. Two brother's Side Kick Pale Ale
    1. Oskar Blues' Dale's Pale Ale. An almost perfect Pale Ale from Colorado that just came to Indy last year
    2. Founder's Centennial IPA. A big Midwest IPA from Founders now in cans
    3. Sun King's Osiris Pale Ale. An Indiana favorite, light clean and crisp
    1. Brooklyn Brewery's Summer Ale
    2. Founder's All Day IPA. All Day IPA because this is so light you can drink it all day in the blistering sun of the track
    3. Two Brother's Dog Days Dortmunder Lager. A lager that goes down clean and smooth
    El Duque:
    1. Daredevil's Liftoff IPA
    2. Sun King's Osiris Pale Ale
    3. Sixpoint's Sweet Action Cream Ale. Light and easy drinking, perfect for a hot day
    Professor Beer:
    1. Sun King's Wee Mac
    2. Sun King's Fistful of Hops
    3. Daredevil's Liftoff IPA
    1. Brooklyn Brewery's Summer Ale
    2. Sun King's Fistful of Hops
    3. 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon- If you could get your hands on this it would be amazing for a hot day at the track.

    I would also like to give a shout out to Flat 12 for their Hinchtown Hammerdown. On their website Flat 12 says, "We live in a racing town. In tribute to one of the brightest racing talents out there, we created Hinchtown Hammer Down, a crisp and refreshing ale perfect for the month of May."  I haven't gotten my hands on it yet, but I will make sure it finds its way into my racing cooler. 

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