Monday, May 12, 2014

Binkleys Kitchen and Bar

"From 1928 until the early 70s, the corner of Kessler and College was home to Binkley's Drug Store, which served the booming Broad Ripple, Forest Hills and Meridian Kessler neighborhoods. Scores of youngsters got their first fountain drink, milkshake, banana split and, yes, cough medicine at Binkley's. Years later, many of those same youngsters stopped in to buy their first baby formula, fifth anniversary card and seventh pair of Foster Grants"

I used to live just outside Broadripple, and Binkley's Kitchen and Bar was my favorite date night spot. It has a strong blend of family friendly local eatery and high end bar. They have brought some good local brews and an occasional hard to find beer here and there. Recently, they've started bringing in a few big beers like their KBS tapping last month, and that's why I decided to check them out again.

They had run out of the KBS but I was able to get DFG by Bier, so it wasn't much of a loss. Beer was served in the correct glassware and everything. Russ would be so proud.

We were in a hurry so we got soup and entrees and skipped the appetizers even though there were some really tasty looking options. The soup was a lemon chicken soup that was perfect for spring. I got the slider entree, and they were perfectly done mini burgers. So often when you order a slider they show up overdone because its hard to get the temperature right on such a small patty, so it was great to see them come to me perfectly cooked. The cheese could have been left on a little bit longer so it would have melted. My meal was good but my wife's meal was excellent. Brie got a pesto gnocchi and it was incredible. The gnocchi was tender without being too gluey. The sauce was delicious. The pesto was nice and sweet with really big flavors. It was an outstanding dish.

This is a great place for a date if you're a beer geek because your significant other doesn't have to be. They have a huge cocktail list and tons of great wines. It can be a best of both worlds situation where you can get your beer and they can get whatever they want and it will be well prepared.

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