Thursday, May 29, 2014

BREWniversity Style Guidelines: Maibock

It's May (although just barely), so it felt appropriate that the next style in our BREWniversity series is inspired by the month. Today we're looking at the Maibock, or Helles Bock.

Appearance: The beer should pour out a deep gold or a light amber with good clarity. There should be a creamy white head that persists while you drink.
Aroma: Expect a moderately strong malt aroma with some toasty qualities along with a moderately low spicy hop aroma. Overall the aroma should be very clean.

Flavor: The dominant flavor will be from the malts, but with very little carmelization. You may get some toasty notes, or a slight DMS flavor. There should be a moderate noble hop flavor with a possible spicy or peppery quality. There may be a moderately dry finish with both malt and hops.

Mouthfeel: This is a medium bodied beer, with moderate carbonation. It should be smooth and clean.
Local Example: Black Acre Goat Race- I had the chance to try Goat Race this past weekend. If you have the chance to hit up Black Acre, this would be a great beer to try. I thought it was refreshing, and really fit the style well.

In order to get a better idea for the style, and not be too biased in my representation, I looked at a few sets of guidelines. Links are below in case you're interested in delving in a bit more.


  1. Nice review! makes me want to try and review this beer now! Keep it up!