Monday, June 3, 2013

SideKick Extra Pale Ale

As you may or may not remember we just did a post about all the great canned beer options here in Indianapolis that you can take with you to the race, or tailgating, or a park... I really don't care. O-Dawg recommended a beer by Two Brothers Brewing Company out of the Chicago-land area called SideKick Pale Ale. I am not the biggest hop head by any stretch, and bringing a hoppy beer with me to a hot May race just seemed like a bad idea.

It seemed like a bad idea, until I tried it that is. O-Dawg hit the nail on the head for this one. SideKick is a delicious mildly hopped up pale ale. It pours out a light yellow to golden color. There is a solid amount of head and it has a wonderful tropical fruit / citrus fruit aroma.

The beer was everything I wanted in a race beer. It was crisp and sweet with a nice bit of hop backdrop to round it all out. The flavors were big and vibrant while still being sessionable. SideKick tastes like summer should taste, bright and alive with just enough sweet flavors to help quench your thirst. This is by no means the most complex or well balanced beer I have ever had, but it is super drinkable and perfect for the race. At 5.10% abv this beer goes down fast and easy. It cleanses the palate without making you feel full or giving you a syrupy mouth feel.

So many beers that we have deemed, American Sessionable (under 5.5% abv), have left me wanting so much more. This brew really delivers. Out of everything that I filled my cooler with on race day, this was by far the stand out.

I give it a solid 4

O-Dawg: My discovery of this not too lauded/discussed beer came about after a discussion with my Hippy Beer Guy.  I asked him what would be a great beer to take over to a friends house that isn't as much of a hop-head as myself, but would be something I would enjoy drinking as well.  The immediate response was "SideKick!  I'll be right back!"  I literally saw the aerial streaks and outlined puff of smoke as he sped off to introduce me to this delightful gem of a beer.  The only thing that would have made it complete would be the comment painted on a wooden sign spinning in the wake of his departure.

I drank it so fast that I did not even think to check it into Untappd or write a review.  It was just a great every-day/post-lawn mowing beer.  I do not know what else to add to The Big Guy's post and my previous recommendation other than "Thanks Hippy Beer Guy!"

I hope you all enjoy it! Solid 3.5

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