Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hell or High Watermelon

It's summer and I'm looking for a refreshing beer, something that's light and crisp with a lot of flavor. I like the idea of a fruit beer, and definitely enjoy a nice cider, but sometimes those are more sugary and sweet than what I really want. So the search was still on for something that would meet all of those criteria.

The search actually led us well outside of our normal Indiana stomping grounds. El Duque had a chance to do some traveling in North Carolina, and brought back some different brews for the Big Guy and I to try. Among those was Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery.

Honestly, this is just about the perfect summer beer for me. It's exactly as refreshing and light as I was looking for. It's not overly fruity or sugary, and there's a nice balance of hops and watermelon flavor. It's a bright golden color, with just a little bit of head as it pours.  Based on what I've seen on Untappd, it's got an average rating of 3.4, but I gave it a 4. 

The Big Guy: I was impressed with how much I liked this. It has a mediocre to bad beer advocate and rate beer score, but I think that is just because of people hating on the fruity beer. The Little Lady and I popped this open while BBQing outside and it was the perfect drink sitting on the patio eating in the hot Indiana sun. The beer itself was pretty light flavored, the watermelon came out without being overpowering and it had a nice backbone of light summer wheat flavors. Keep in mind this is just under 5% abv, so I thought it was a great American Session beer and I would love to drink it again. I give it a 3.5 but if it was the right hot summer day that could go up.

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