Monday, June 24, 2013

Beer Gear: Turbocool kickstarter

"TurboCool is a revolutionary device designed to cool your favorite canned beverage to frosty-goodness in a fraction of the time it would take in your fridge or cooler."

So this bullet looking mini fridge seems to work off the same principle as the old party trick where you rotate your warm beer in the bucket of ice until it cools off, only this thing is rotating much faster. Insert water, ice and then hook your beer on to the top and spin away for cold ready to drink beer. The video on their kickstarter page (where the image to the right is taken from) makes it look super easy. Now this won't be available until next January, so I am not going to be able to let you know how well it works until then, but who knows its not a bad little gadget.

  • It's 31 bucks!!!
  • No seriously it's only $31 dollars to get your hands on one of these through Kickstarter
  • Seems functional...
  • Solves a problem everyone has had once in a while
  • Family friendly, your kids can use it with canned juice and soda.

  • It doesn't look like it works with longnecks
  • It may not work with tallboy cans (like the 16 oz cans from SK)
  • There just isn't that much craft beer in cans in Indiana, especially standard 12 oz cans

Since I haven't tested the TurboCool I am not going to make any serious recommendations, but if you are looking for a gift from the beer geek that has it all and your feeling kind of broke, this bad boys only $31.

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