Friday, March 22, 2013

The Scene: Tin Man Brewing Company

You ever have an urge to make a  road trip?  If this particular wanderlust hits you, and you are going to attempt the new piece of I-69 south of Indianapolis... please, Please, PLEASE fuel up at the ONLY gas station on this humpy bumpy...  It's at I-69 and 58.   That's it...  till you hit Evansville.

You've been warned.

Now on to the fun stuff!

College was a haze of TERRIBLE Beer had by most if not all college bound tweeners.  Just enough taste to let you know it was there, enough alcohol to get you drunk and just cheap enough to keep your college budget afloat.  Tin Man Brewing Company company has a slogan, "Ordinary Beer does not compute".  To this I must agree.

l had a flight of all their usuals and their seasonals paired with the most delightful portabella mushroom calzone with Spanish rice.  Their menu was still in flux when I was there last.  I remember more than a few individuals grumbling about them not having their killer BBQ from the previous week.

The quick and dirty, from the Light to the DARK SIDE!

Circuit Bohemian Pilsner:
First off, I haven't found a Pilsner that I have liked... Until now.  A distinct start middle and end, very crisp and light.  If it had just a little bit more complexity or flavor ride it would push it to a 4.

Alloy American IPA:
To be very fair I am hard on IPA's  I love them with all my hops infused heart.  I was disappointed I could not have a sip of their DIPA v.1 but this was a nice solid everyday IPA.  If i stacked it up against the Bier's PDG in a taste off Alloy would loose.  Sorry boys!  But a Gold Spacelies Sprocket for effort!

Rivit Irish Red Ale:
All sorts of malt all over this!  It's earthy yet flavorful!

/que the Imperial Death March

3 Gear Robust Porter:
Dark molasses chocolate and caramel notes with just a hint of smoke.  
 I really enjoyed this one!  This beer was what I wanted Flat 12's Pogue's Run Porter to be.  I'm still disappointed about that beer...  I'll post my further ruminations on this trend in beer later.  Yes Joe, another place and over beers.

Dry cell Irish Dry Stout:
Deceptively Light and creamy.  If i had this on St. Patties Day it would have been all I drank!  Lighter than a Guinness, yet more flavorful.  Really GOOD!

On to the Seasonals!

Gear Box Dark Ale:
Really dark and toasty malt nose.  Little sweet with some spice to it!  Clean finish.
Better than average but not good enough...

Bourbon Rye Dry:
Sweet wood bourbon flavor forward, malt, then finishes with a slight warm heat.  Nicely Done!  Much preferable to the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale that is all bourbon heat and no beer taste...  Reminds me of Boombozz's Bourbon Barrel Ale.

Not only is Tin Man Brewing focused on building and cultivating a knowledgeable, responsible, and thriving craft brew culture in Evansville, IN.  They are also dialed in on making their brewery/business earth friendly.

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