Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lips of Faith: Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

I've had about 7 of the various Lips of Faith series beers from New Belgium Brewing and I am not stopping there. My wife has stepped up to the plate and has really been enjoying them with me. So far the Lips of Faith: Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout has been my favorite. It has 10% abv and 39 IBUs. It's an imperial stout so it totally fits right in my wheelhouse.

It smells like a Starbucks mocha. The coffee and coco were really in your face as soon as you cracked open the beer. It poured out dark and smooth with a tan head that continued to produce lacing throughout the drink.

Right up front there was a dry and bitter chocolate flavor mixed with a surprisingly subtle hint of coffee. The coffee flavor was not too in your face. There was a nice slight smoked malt flavor that rounded the whole beer out. Really all of the flavors were surprisingly well balanced and mellow for an imperial stout, they can totally get super sweet sometimes. This did not turn out too much like a dessert. It had a clean dry, bittersweet chocolate kinda finish that you do not always get from an imperial.

This was a shockingly well rounded imperial stout. I give it a 4.

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