Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beer Gear: Kickstart your Growler!

So, you didn't make it into the BRĂ„ULER FreshCap™ Kickstarter Campaign by The Zythos Team back in October of 2012.  Nuts...

You can't wait for their next Kickstarter to launch the TapCap™ system because Uncle Bucks Birthday is just around the bend...  But you want to get him something similar...  I mean for pete sake the man taught you to appreciate craft beer!

Well you Sir are in luck!  Feast  your eyes on these inventive modern marvels!  Act quick and you can help fund these creative projects and be the first Hoser in your area to get your mitts on one!  Just remember... these aren't 99¢!!!

The TapIt Cap: The beer growler's best friend 
by Robert Scott

The Perfect Beer Drinking Vessel and Private Keg! 

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