Friday, August 31, 2012

Professor Beer

"Some miners (in the town where he started his journalism career) would have 20 pints after a hard day in the mine. Now that we sit behind computers all day, this is down to 18 or 19 pints."
-- Michael Jackson (No, not the singer.)

I enjoy learning about and, of course, drinking all kinds of beer.  I'm happy drinking beer, be it from homebrewers, microbreweries, craft beer breweries, or even the mega breweries.

Recently I've been especially partial to lambics, and some of my other favorites tend to be stouts, Scotch ales, and IPAs.  However, if a beer is way too hoppy or bitter, I probably won't like it.  I also find wheat beers to be fairly hit-or-miss, and I am generally skeptical of them, though there are many excellent ones.

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