Monday, August 27, 2012

Introducing O-Dawg

They call me.. Tater Salad... No wait O-Dawg! aaaAAAhhhhhhhhh!

Besides throwing in the off cuff movie quotes to random YouTube favorites (This suit is so tight!) I am a beer lover at heart. I'm the fraternity brother buying a sixer of Red Seal as opposed to the case of Natty Ice... The friend who slowly and deviously turns you on to craft beers! ::worries hands together and pets hairless cat:::

Weapons of choice are hops... Big hops... 30 minutes... 90 minutes... Hops to the point of Ruination and back! Complex porter/stouts to Barely Wines. Belgians to Russians. My guilty little pleasures at the moment are Sours.

Breweries that I trust, and when I say trust I mean can honesty grab any swill they brew and be satisfied with my purchase:
  • Nationally: Stone, Founders
  • Indiana: Three Floyd's, New Albanian
  • Indianapolis: Flat 12

Want me to change my opinion? Make me a believer in your beer.

R.I.P Warbird, may your Shanty Irish Red Ale live on long past your reused brewing tanks at Triton Brewery...

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