Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thunder, Thunder, Thunderbird HO!!!

Thunderbird is a trendy place in the Fountain Square neighborhood with upscale modern cuisine and an impressive array of custom prohibition style cocktails. In a classy bar like this, it shouldn't surprise anyone that they have a pretty solid  number of craft beer taps. Brie and I have been in a few times with friends and I thought it was about time I put up a review.

The atmosphere at Thunderbird is awesome. It has cozy booths along the walls with large communal tables in the center of the bar. There is a great horseshoe shaped bar in the center. There are even small bar areas in the windows that let you check out the people walking around Fountain Square. The decor is like a rustic ski chalet in the middle of Indiana. There is tons of dark reclaimed wood and bright hanging pendent lights. The ceilings are tall which opens the whole place up, and having the two windows up front allows a ton of natural light in.

The menu changes regularly, but what we've had has been outstanding. The croquette's are amazing. For all of you who are not used to yupy food, croquette is just a fried dough ball of stuff. The ones at Thunderbird have ham hock inside. Hush puppies were also excellent. They took a nice home-style dish and really did a good job elevating it. There service has been good whether we've ordered from a table or the bar. The servers are just as knowledgeable about the drinks as they are the food.

Now since this is a beer blog... It looks like they have about eight rotating taps, and so far they've done an impressive job of keeping some unique things on.
There are always a few local Indy beers and normally a bunch of interesting regional options. They are starting to get more active with things like tap takeovers and other beer related events. We were able to go out for an Urban Chestnut takeover and tried a bunch of exciting one offs. Although this is not necessarily a beer bar, they do a good job keeping fun options on the menu, and for those of us with significant others, sometimes its good to go somewhere that doesn't just have beer.

I give the food an outstanding 4.5/5
I give the beer menu a solid 4/5

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