Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Indy Beer News

Lots to talk about this week!

 An Indiana Judge has upheld a law saying Grocery and convenience stores still cannot sell cold beer.

 There are two new videos floating around this week documenting some recent beer festivals. Here's the Sour Wild and Funk fest and then there's this one from Anderson Brew Fest.

 Volunteer to pour beer at this year's Dig In with Girls' Pint Out

Tour de Upland registration is now open, as well as their next sour lottery.

Tickets to the Mad Anthony Oktoberfest are on sale. Quafftoberfest tickets are also on sale this week. Rooftop IPA bottles are now on sale in Indianapolis. Upland is releasing their Upland Valley Weizen on June 20th. Events this week from Tomlinson Tap Room, Triton Brewing Company, Sahm's Place, Flat 12, Bloomington Brewing Company, Broad Ripple Brewpub and Girls' Pint Out.


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