Monday, June 30, 2014

Rooftop IPA

In the last twenty years Bloomington Brewery has been flying under the radar with their awesome brewpub in the heart of IU's campus down in Bloomington IN. They've been making awesome beers, but they were mostly just available at the pub and a few other beer bars. In the last few years, they've really been stepping up and getting their beer in a lot more places. Last year they brought their IPA, Rooftop, to the brewers cup at the state fair and they brought home the gold. With that success in mind they've gone ahead and put it in some pretty good looking 22 oz bottles and started distributing it to liquor stores all around Indy.

Rooftop IPA pours out a nice light copper color with thick fluffy white head. The head pushes forth with big citrus fruit peal aromas mixed with a piney resin smell. Right from the get go, you can tell this IPA means business and the hops have come to party. It has a great sweet malty backbone that gives the citrus fruit hop flavor an almost orange slice flavor. Its big and juicy with a pretty even handed bitter finish. With all the hops in the nose I expected a ton on the finish, but this kept it nice and laid back. The beer was incredibly drinkable for being about 7.4% abv.

I give it a 4/5

We keep looking to new breweries that are springing up around town to change the market place. Sometimes we don't think about some of the guys that have been around for a while without distribution. This is an excellent IPA and I'm really excited that after twenty years in business BBC is starting to put it on the shelves. Keep up the good work guys, and maybe we'll start seeing more tasty treats on shelves around town.

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