Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Scene: Flat as Hell

I have a confession to make.  I like pepper beers.  It all started with Hatch Blower Pepper IPA from Triton last October.  The Professor snagged a growler of it for my wedding rehearsal party.   My groomsmen appreciated the beer, I liked it so much I killed the growler...  It was a great "marriage" of green chili flavor up front while still having enough spicy kick at the end to keep my adventurous side amused.

Cut to this October 31st, 2013.  Flat 12 continued their reign as most inventive, fun, and very unique beer brewery with their Halloween event at the brewery: Flat as Hell.  This sinfully delightful event took Hello My Name is Amber (an amber beer) and flavored it nine different ways.  The run down:

9 Circles of Hell(O) My Name is Amber
Limbo:      Green Pepper                       0 Scoville
Lust:         Pablano                 1000-1500 Scoville
Gluttony:   Jalapeno              2500-10000 Scoville
Greed:      Serrano           15000 – 25000 Scoville
Anger:      Manzano                 50K/250K Scoville
Heresy:     Habanero                100/350K Scoville
Violence:   Scotch Bonnet        100/350K Scoville
Fraud:       Ghost                   350K/1MM Scoville
Treachery: Scorpion                       2MM Scoville

For a mere $12 dollars my fearless compatriots and I (just like Dante) were guided through the 9 Circles of Hell(O) My Name is Amber by Rob, Josh and Joe.  There were no poems from Virgil.  Nor were their any suffering souls... well there were some of those.

My descent into Hell(o) My Name is Amber started while watching one of my favorite Halloween movies "Hellraiser" being tossed up on the wall via projection.  Limbo was a nice way to introduce you (the drinker) into the pepper beer category.  Green pepper nose, nice amber body, and no spice to the finish.  Each level after started to ratchet up the spice in the body and finish.  Stand outs for myself were Anger and Treachery.

Anger was the first notable shift from flavor to heat.  I thought Flat 12 did a great job balancing the spicy heat with the amber qualities of the base beer.  Really well done!  The sad part was that this balance did not show up again until Treachery.  I am sure it had something to do with the Scoville's and the brewers trying to make it drinkable and not just face melting hot.  The high note from Treachery was the amount of heat that stuck around in the finish and continued to build as you sipped at the taster cup.  A great idea for a winter warmer?  I think so!

In Sum: Yes. I paid to be a guinea pig for Flat 12's pepper beer experiment. "But I got this nifty pint glass and a full pint pour of whatever I wanted!" said in a little kids high pitched voice.  I will make it a point to hit Flat 12 next Halloween for the festivities and beer.  Wonder what the Mad Fermentologists are going to cook up for next Halloween?!

Big thanks to all who follow the blog who showed up and hung out!  Other of note beers on tap for Halloween: Bloody Jack, Bloody Blonde, & Bleeding Heart.


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