Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving today... What do families do before gorging themselves on turkey with all the trimmings?  They give thanks.We here at the Beer Barons wanted to make sure we took time out of our busy posting schedule to share what we're thankful for in our world, beyond just the craft beer we usually discuss.

O-Dawg: I am giving thanks for having the best wife, friends & family.  2013 has been a somewhat awkward and challenging year for me.  Through all of the tribulation my lovely wife has been my rock, my friends have kept me sane and my family has had my back on future job prospects. I love you all and hope nothing but the best for everyone this Thanksgiving Day!  Stay safe  and keep warm!

The Big Guy: Its been said that Indy doesn't have much of a craftbeer scene, but I'm thankful for the awesome craft beer scene we have. Here in Indy we are blessed with awesome brewers, great bar tenders and enthusiastic fans. The group is small enough that you can get to know just about everyone, but big enough that we have some exciting things happening. This is an awesome place and time to be when it comes to craft beer! Ohh yeah, and thanks for YEAST! Without it beer would kinda suck.

The Little Lady: There's a lot to be thankful for, so I'll try to keep my list focused. Friends and family are always at the top of that list, especially everyone who's been involved in the blog this year. We couldn't do it without everyone willing to go to events with us, put up with us taking pictures of beer and making tasting notes to use later, and share their opinions as we come up with ideas. We could drink alone, but it's much better to have people sharing in the adventure with us!

The BrewniBomber: First I'll say ditto to what The Big Guy said, because we really are in a "sweet spot"- lots of cool things going on, improvements being made, etc., but it's not overwhelming nor are the people in the scene greedy. I'm very thankful for the creative and kind people I've met working in the industry and for the awesome friends I've met that are always willing to share good times and the awesome beers they have; it's really nice not having to go to events alone!

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