Thursday, February 27, 2014

Glassware Event with Girls Pint Out

We'd like to give a big thank you to Girls Pint Out for letting Russ be a part of this awesome event, and for letting us tag along for the fun. As one of the newer blogs around town we are always excited when one of our own is called out as an expert in his field. There aren't many people out there that know more about glassware than our very own Russ the Brewnibomer Balliet. The awesome pictures that GPO took of the event can be seen here.

You can find him on Twitter and on Instagram.

For more information on cleaning, pouring and general glassware suggestions; check out our previous posts. There's a list of them here, along with a description of the content in each. We have a passion for beer and all the great toys that come along with it.

Clean Your F'ing Glass by Russ - This one is pretty much self explanatory. If you missed Russ's talk about cleaning your glassware or wanted more information check out this post.

The Proper Pour by The Big Guy - Here we're walking you through how to pour a beer the right way to make sure you get all of the wonderful aromas.

Glassware Collecting by Russ - In case you didn't think he really knew what he was talking about, look at how much glassware this man has....seriously.

The IPA Glass by The Big Guy - Take a little closer look at the IPA glass that Russ showed last night at the event. Perfect for letting out all those awesome hop aromas.

The Teku Glass by The Big Guy - no matter how you pronounce it, it is one of the best overall glasses for tasting beers. If you only have one beer geek glass, this is the glass for you.

Craft Beer, Not Just for the Boys by Brie - Since we all got together last night with GPO, I wanted to remind you all that there are more and more women in beer, and more ways to get involved if you're interested.

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