Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#MigrationWeek Goose Island Twenty Tap Takeover

I think the picture sums up the article nicely!  The Baron's headed out to Twenty Tap this past Wednesday Sept. 4th @ 4pm, or 3:30 for those who were on time... :-) to try out one of the most coveted/bottle traded brands in #craftbeer.   
I got there early enough to watch them put the
 taps on and waited on the lines to be flushed.
Sarah Rohner with Goose Island contacted us in the weeks previous to invite us out.  I am glad that she did, otherwise I would have still been under the impression that all Goose Island beer is sub par.  I blame the Budweiser buy out for that prevalent stigma in the beer community.  I am happy to report that out of the beers that were on tap, all were top notch!  Thank our beer drinking stars that Anheuser-Busch InBev has not tried to mess with Goose Islands production Chi.  Note: 312 was not on tap for updated comparison from previous articles observations.

Bourbon County Cherry Rye
Bourbon County Coffee 
Madame Rose
Big John
Night Stalker
Matilda Lambicus
Pere Jacques
Pepe Nero
**Rare Bourbon County 
**King Henry

**Limited small shot servings throughout the night

Twenty Tap was rocking till the wee hours with all these great beers on tap.  As you can see from the picture to the right it was packed!  

All in all a great night for everyone involved!  The only observation out of it all would have been a little more structure in the beginning and a word from the head brewer floating in the sea of humanity around the bar on the beers offered every so often.
O-Dawg's Top 3 MUST Haves:
1) Rare Bourbon County Stout
2) Bourbon County Coffee Stout
3) Madame Rose

Stay Tuned for weigh-in's on specific Goose Island beers at #MigrationWeek Twenty Tap Takeover...

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