Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Indiana's 2014 GABF Winners!

Big congratulations to some Indiana breweries who did a great job at GABF not just representing themselves, but representing our entire state. There are a lot of people in some big beer states that really only give Indiana credit for Three Floyds. Its awesome to see more Indiana breweries bringing home some hardware.
  • Congratulations to Sun King for a gold medal on Lonesome Dove and a silver medal for Batch 666: Sympathy for the Devil, both in the wood aged strong beer category, both from the King's Reserve series. For anyone who hasn't had Symphony for the Devil, it will be released at the Sun King tap room on the 30th at Noon. Go get it! Sun King seems to really shine in this category. Last year they won gold with Afternoon Delight. Well played Sun King. Thanks for representing Indianapolis so well!
  • Congratulations to Carson's Brewery for their gold medal on Red Dawn in the American Wheat category. This is awesome news for such a new brewery. Way to get started with a bang! I haven't had this beer but now I know I need to find it.
  • Congratulations to Bier Brewery for a silver medal on Sanitarium, their Belgian quad. This is a once a year bomber release, This is one of my favorite American interpretations of a Belgian quad and I'm saving a few bottles to make a vertical because it ages very well.
In out-of-state news here are some of our favorite breweries that brought home hardware.
  • Congratulations to Half Acre for their silver medal on Heyoka in the American IPA category. This is an outstanding beer. Next time you're in Chicago pick up a few. Its pretty easy to find in the city. Check out our review by Russ.
  • Congratulations to Founders for their silver medal on their Porter in the robust porter category. This is probably one of the most classic American representations of an old school English style.
California was the best represented state. They had almost fifty medal winning brews. I was disappointed that there wasn't more to report about the Midwest. Our area keeps growing but we continue to miss out on the national spotlight. Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois didn't get the same amount of medals as just California. Cali has a head start with their beer scene, but we have great beer, and our brewers just have to keep on applying. Competitions aren't everything and a good score doesn't necessarily mean the beer will sell well, but the Midwest needs to keep on pumping out beers and we will start getting more notoriety.

You can see all of the winners here.

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